Cyber Assessment – Nexterus Technologies

Let us help identify your cybersecurity blind spots

It is predicted this year that businesses will fall victim to a cybersecurity attack every 11 seconds. Cloud-based enterprise software and data storage tools provide a gateway for cybercriminals to tunnel into your network.

Is your organization prepared with the correct proactive monitoring to mitigate these cyber attacks? 

A critical step in mitigation is performing routine cyber assessments and analyses.

We are delighted to provide you the opportunity to leverage an invaluable cyber assessment. We will identify what areas of exposure your organization may have before those threats take hold of your network.

Complete our free cyber assessment form, and one of our advisors will reach out to coordinate and schedule your assessment.

Your no-cost risk assessment report contains:

  • Security Risk Report
  • Security Management Plan
  • Security Report Card
  • Login Report
  • External Vulnerabilities Scan Detail Report
  • Outbound Security Report
  • Security Policy Assessment Report
  • User Behavior Analysis Report
  • Data Breach Liability Report