Executive Overview – Nexterus Technologies

Executive Overview

We’ve developed a formula for client success.


Our Formula for Client Success

Nexterus Technologies services to small to mid-sized companies. Our breadth of skills, foresight, and commitment to client satisfaction is what has enabled us to grow steadily, delivering cutting-edge business and technical solutions on our client’s behalf.

We’ve developed a unique formula for client success. We start with the client’s business OBJECTIVES (O). We add our business and technology INSIGHT (I). We consider the potential technologies and platforms for success TOOLS (T), upfront.

EXECUTION PLAN (EP) is developed. The result – high returns on effectiveness (ROE).


The most critical element that begins our process is understanding the client’s business Objectives (O). What are the needs, what are the goals, and what are the schedule and budget parameters?

Business & Technology Insight
Business discussions occur with our clients and our dedicated consultant team. When clients turn to us for Business, Sales and Technology Insight (I), we’re not just handing over compelling solutions to our clients. Our Insight includes business process flow, strategic assessment, and know-how. We have the professionals representing each area for the benefit of our client’s needs and requirements.

Execution Plan

Our clients rely on us to guide them through constant changes taking place in the business and information age. Our in-house business and technology consultants help clients move forward and stay ahead of the learning curve, as we move through the strategic process, evaluating business and sales processes along with technical factors impacting projects.

Analysis, evaluation and proper planning are principles factoring into the Execution Plan (EP) approach. Our execution plans are monitored and managed by our Project Manager(s). This process assists our client’s management team in ensuring the effectiveness and control of their project delivery. Our execution plan provides critical drivers and accordingly helps management focus on a clear path forward to support the project effort. It establishes support for valuable decision making and communication, thus assisting the management in implementing the planned strategies and policies.

High Return on Effectiveness
A High Return on Effectiveness (ROE) is the ultimate goal for any project. It’s the end result of the formula where we look back at the objectives outlined, and measure success. Response rates, sales, market share and mind share are just a few quantitative measurements we use and review to determine the achievements of a particular program.

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