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Project & Program Management Services

We leverage best-practices-based systems and processes to
help you scale programs and complete projects successfully, time and time again.


Successful programs and projects demand a rigorous focus on managing risk, schedule, cost control, and quality.

Nexterus Technologies provides technology project management consulting services as one of its core competencies. When we are engaged to manage a project we assign a project team that consists of: a tenured, experienced Project Manager and proven project management methodology, which includes the daily auditing of activities, schedules, and deliverables to ensure consistent, measured results.

Within the world of project management, IT projects pose greater challenges than most as evidenced by their statistically high failure rate. The causes of the failures include the project management issues that confront all projects – inadequate time, budget, or resources to devote to a project – but information technology project management and IT projects also face unique technology challenges, from fluid or ill-defined requirements on development projects to hardware, operating system, network, or database instability, to information security risks and interoperability issues.

At Nexterus Technologies we specialize in technology project and program management. Our team has been directly responsible for the success of hundreds of projects during our travels and have managed hundreds of millions of dollars in project budgets in the process.

We have successfully managed and implemented all types of technology projects including application development, infrastructure, cybersecurity, technology refresh, and global system replacement projects. We know that addressing the risks and breaking the project down into understandable, manageable segments with a clear communication plan is critical to the success of these projects

We earn the confidence of clients, communities, and stakeholders alike by building rapport and creating a team atmosphere focused on preventing pitfalls. Our commitment to communication also ensures everyone pulls in the same direction each step of the way.